January 16, 2018 at 6:18pm PST / 2:18am UT (17th)

Sun and Moon conjoined at 26°54' Capricorn

picLuna will soon catch up with the Sun in Saturn-ruled Capricorn to begin a new lunar month. One of four cardinal signs — boundary posts that guard the seasonal gates of the year — Capricorn's ruling planet, Saturn, was for millennia the outermost "wandering star," marking an ancient boundary: the outer limits of the known solar system. Relatedly, Saturn and Capricorn rule our personal boundaries and physical structures: foundations, walls, fences — what supports, but also delineates and separates: this from that, inside from outside, mine from yours.

And Capricorn is especially emphasized at this New Moon with a very large group of Olympians here, including the Old Devil, Saturn, himself, newly in his own sign. So Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all here amplifying the Capricorn signal.

Capricorn, along with its ruling planet Saturn, is associated with issues of honor, integrity and wholeness. The New Moon comes with a number of compelling aspects including a tight conjunction to Love Goddess Venus, and a bit wider, picbut nevertheless potentially unsettling, conjunction to eruptive Pluto. When Pluto conjoins both the Sun and sensitive Moon, a volcanic upsurge of ancient emotion and old memories can sweep into our lives — feelings buried very deep, tucked away long ago, and for very good reason.

Pluto's ideal purpose is to nudge us, sometimes forcibly, to deal with what we are neglecting to face, stuff that's working us anyway, sometimes even more powerfully, below the surface. In the last two posts, I covered Venus-Pluto and Sun-Pluto — motifs that will be further elevated in importance over this next lunar month, intensified by the emotional Moon. (News I'm sure you are so glad to hear.)

Restlessness and Inner Conflict
New Moon Square Uranus + Eclipse Season Begins

Added to Pluto's effects, is a tense square from the New Moon to Saturn's own nemesis: liberating, unconventional, wild man Uranus, the planet strongly associated with originality and non-conformity. This is a particularly difficult square as it links influences that It is not uncommon, trailing a good dose of Uranus, to feel as if we'd become temporarily insane.are poles apart. And the square aspect alone is associated with unrest and crisis, unsettling, inner conflict, especially when linking two very different impulses. As with the Pluto effects, pay close attention to what comes up, and with Uranus, the main challenge is to keep your balance intact, not go to extremes.

When the "Wild Man" is active, there is always the danger of taking too many risks, throwing too much caution to the wind. It is not uncommon, trailing a good dose of Uranus, to feel as if we'd become temporarily insane. Really crazy notions can all of a sudden seem quite right, logical even. When Uranus is strong, we must not to be too quick to throw out something without first taking the time to consider all the ramifications. Uranus can come with some very reckless impulses, up to and including bat-shit crazy ones even.

"Our Gang" — Trump: Sun-Uranus, Moon-Uranus Native

Crazy, recklessly unbalanced Trump provides a perfect example of Uranus gone WAY TOO FAR. In his chart there is a tight Sun-Uranus conjunction, right on the lunar north node, all three in a flowing trine to amplifying, exaggerating Jupiter. PLUS Trump was born on a Full Moon, so the Moon is also involved: opposite the Sun-Uranus conjunction, and conjunct the nodal axis on the south node side.

Uranus does have a key POSITIVE role, IF handled with care and responsibility. For one of its many important functions is to tear down those musty old structures (erected by Saturn) behind which we tend to hide out too much. Structures we may even be addicted to in some way. Boosting the Uranian impulse even more, this lunation also marks the beginning of eclipse season. In two weeks, the Leo Full "Super" Moon — culmination point of the lunar cycle — will also bring a lunar eclipse.

* * *

SO OVER THE NEXT LUNAR MONTH, with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all potent influences, you may be presented with a choice, most likely in the form of a dilemma, a test even, that prompts you to take a stand, and perhaps come clean about some aspect of life in which you have been hiding, lying about, or selling out. Somewhere at some time, you made a choice to sacrifice some part of yourself in exchange for something else of value: acceptance, money, security, affection, love — and it is time to be honest with yourself about that exchangeSomewhere at some time, you made a choice to sacrifice some part of yourself in exchange for something else of value: acceptance, money, security, affection, love — and it is time to be honest with yourself about that exchange, and begin to stop treating yourself as if you are only some kind of market commodity that can be traded away.

We all need to make compromises in life, of course. And we all need to make a living doing something. Our jobs are not always what we would pick if we had total power to choose; yet there is a line over which we should never cross, where compromise becomes death, and too much of our soul and spirit is traded away. It is very important to know where that line is.

Saturn rules the rigid bone structure of the body, along with any form of solidifying, petrification (including its allegoric meaning of being frozen with fear), fossilization, stagnation, and inflexibility. Essentially anything that slows you down, or holds you up — and in the more extreme cases, stops you dead in your tracks — comes under the auspices of Saturn. Sometimes being stopped in our tracks is a beneficial thing, sometimes it is most certainly not.

Saturn is also Father Time, and isn't it interesting how, as we age, our bones become less and less flexible? Elastic cartilage, widespread in the infant skeleton, is replaced by hard, calcified bone as we grow. We need our Saturn bones, our structures and supports in life absolutely, there is no doubt about it. But we also need to guard against, to be wary of, these very same structures which can all to easily become traps.


Post Script: Adios Uranus-Pluto Square

At this New Moon, Uranus will be back within "range of mischief" — within five degrees of an exact square to Pluto. So this explosive, revolutionary alignment, with us for so long now, is yet another critical theme for the lunar month ahead.

As you are probably aware, there were even exact Uranus-Pluto squares that fell from 2012-2015. A first "close pass" came in the summer of 2011 coinciding exactly with the rise of the Occupy Movement.

Uranus is currently finishing up its stay in Aries and will make a temporary entry into Taurus this May, which marks the end of the Uranus-Pluto crisis stage and the beginning of the important "What Do We Do Now??" work of rebuilding and synthesis. Here's the article I wrote on this major turning point for humanity: Uranus-Pluto: The Square Dance of Change.

* * *

We have known for a long time that we must move toward becoming "one," toward becoming a global village. We must become an integrated system of life. Knowing that is one thing. Actually doing something about it is another. This crisis is the global opportunity to become what we need to become — and in that, it is the great turning point of humanity.

If you can imagine that through an archetypal lens, then you can envision many paths through a forest opening up. Always the new paths descend as the old are removed — always. That, too, is the silver lining. You have to learn how to perceive the new paths.

— Carolyn Myss

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The illumination of Capricorn is from The Hunterian Psalter (or York Psalter) produced in England some time around 1170.

The Photoshopped image of Trump with an "Our Gang" of Putins was posted in our local independent newspaper, the AVA, creator unknown.

The illustration of the petrel and the stormy sea is a copyright free image from a wallpaper site.

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