The Year Ahead Forecast

The Year Ahead Reading is a forecasting session for individuals who would like to closely examine the major cycles and trends at play over the course of one year. Often clients like to order at the New Year or around the time of their birthday,path but we can start the reading from any point in the year.

During the course of this session, I'll look at the major "happenings" in the progressed charts (techniques we use to move the birth chart forward for forecasting purposes); transits (current locations of luminaries, planets and other celestial objects and how they interface with your birth chart); as well as the main themes laid out in the solar return, the "birthday chart" for the year.

I will also, when applicable, look forward and backward in time in order to place current events in a larger, more meaningful context, including the longer astrological cycles such as the personal Saturn or progressed lunar cycle, to name but two. We understand the current challenges and opportunities better when we know where we stand in these greater cycles of change and evolution in which we operate.

"Astrology is a forecasting tool. It outlines the likely conditions ahead, not the inevitable outcome, as a prediction would. Astrologers understand that any outcome involves choice, and choice is an aspect of free will. Astrology is a choice revealer, not a choice maker."

— Ray Merriman

Please note that the Year Ahead session is not a "prediction" reading. I will not be able to tell you any specifics about your life with any certainty (i.e. you WILL change jobs or you WILL get married), but I can identify and explain the current themes at play. Reflected in both short- and long-range cycles influencing your life most profoundly, these cycles indicate potential areas of challenge and opportunity, and also show where in your life these critical events are likely to occur.

Planetary energies are "thematic" or archetypal, and the way in which they manifest, from person to person, can vary greatly. Nevertheless, they can be very helpful indicators of certain areas of life and certain experiences that seem likely to be of special prominence. The Year Ahead reading supports a greater understanding of the current cycles in your life so that you can navigate through these waters more effectively: to make the most of opportunities, as well as meet challenges with more awareness and power.

Blue Moon Astrology readings are individualized, custom interpretations, prepared by me personally. For each Year Ahead reading I block out three to four days in prepartion time: drawing up numerous charts, analyzing them and then formulating the content of the reading, all of which to provide an in-depth session of the highest quality. The Year Ahead reading is approximately three hours in length, with additional follow-up time for questions and discussion. I usually break up the reading into two or three separate sessions, as this is an extremely thorough reading.

My fee for a Year Ahead Reading is US $375. I accept credit cards and PayPal. You may also pay by check or money order if you are in the U.S. I will either record the reading in .mp3 format for download, provide the reading in written format, or a combination of the two. I also do sessions over the phone as well. If you have a preference, one way or the other, please let me know when you order.

If you are ready to purchase a Year Ahead Reading, please email me for the details. Thank you!