The Muse in the Natal Chart Reading

If you would like to delve into the significance of your natal Neptune, its associated Twelfth house, as well as look at how Neptune's sign, Pisces, museinfluences your chart, this special reading is for you.

The Neptune-Pisces-12th house signature of chart describes our personal portal to the higher realm of the soul, where our muses and guides reside — and our devils and internal saboteurs as well.

Getting a broader take through the clarifying lens of astrology can help breathe fresh air into this deeply soulful and creatively-inspired zone of your chart.

A special reading offered for a limited time only for my subscribers only, the Muse in the Natal Chart covers this, most slippery realm of the natal chart. Confusion, foggy, unclear, yes — yet together, this trinity of astrological influence carries tremendous creative potential. When we understand our Neptunian side, we can make much more effective use of this nebulous inner kingdom.

THE READING IS DELIVERED IN TWO PARTS: the first is an illustrated, 44-page compilation of select articles I've written on Neptune, Pisces and the 12th house; the second part, and core of the reading, is a 60-minute phone session to discuss the specific Neptune/12th house/Pisces themes in your chart.

The cost is US $160. If you are ready to purchase a Muse reading, please email me for payment info and session particulars. I sometimes have to close special offers pretty quickly after announcing them due to the response. So, if you are interested, email me as soon as possible.


The image of the Muse in the graphic above is one of two figures from this ancient Greek lekythos (c.445 BC), anointing oil vessels that were used through the early 5th century BC for various purposes; and later as grave decorations and burial objects, as was the case for this one, found in a young girl's grave. It is now part of the collections of the Staatliche Antikensammlungen in Munich, a museum for Bavaria's antique collections of Greek, Etruscan and Roman art. They have one of the largest collections in the world of these white-ground lekythoi from Athens.

On the lekythos shown here, the Muse is playing a kithara, a musical instrument in the lyre family. Perhaps she is Erato, the Muse of lyric poetry and hymns.