Courage, Power & Leadership

The Natal Mars in a Woman's Chart

embraceDeveloped especially for women, this reading is designed to help you become better acquainted with your natal Mars, which represents critical reservoirs of courage, passion and vital energy.

This focused reading includes an in-depth look at the astrological and archetypal Mars, and your own natal Mars: its highest and finest potential, as well as pitfalls and challenges. Counterproductive, ingrained habits and assumptions around power, courage and leadership — and how these may be affecting your life — will be examined.

A critically important astrological principle, the natal Mars, together with the Sun, describes our outgoing, assertive yang nature; and although we have made plenty of progress towards a more balanced and healthy, less-polarized expression of these traditionally male-associated traits, values, and behavior, many women are still "iron-deficient" to varying degrees, lacking in this vitally important astro-vitamin: Mars energy and drive, especially when it comes to applying this important source of power towards our own goals and ambitions.

Languishing as potential, rather than a vital, living force in our lives, and too often experienced vicariously, projected onto significant others, many women do not adequately understand or fully utilize their natal Mars — because they have not been properly introduced! The quality and essence of Mars, shown in its sign, house position, and the contacts it makes to other chart elements, describes our own "divine spark," our internal power plant and all-important inner hero — and no two are alike. This reading will help you get to know that perfect male counterpart that resides inside of you, and learn how to put him to work on your behalf

* * *

The cost for this one-hour, custom chart session US $140. If you are ready to purchase a Mars in the Natal Chart Reading, please email me for more details.