About Blue Moon Astrology

About Blue Moon Astrology

One spring, many years ago now, I caught an acute case of the astrology bug cured only by voraciously reading my way through stacks of books. At first I read solely for my own pure enjoyment, photo of Elainebut little by little, as I began to share bits with interested friends and family, reading for pleasure morphed into serious study, eventually leading me down the path to a whole new and wonderful line of work. After dedicating four years to independent study of the art and practice of astrology, I officially hung out my shingle in 2009 at the Cancer New "Blue" Moon and Lunar Eclipse which formed powerful aspects to my natal chart: conjuncting my Cancer Moon and trining my Scorpio Sun and Mars.

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My interest in becoming a professional astrologer stems from wanting something more soulful to contribute in life — a vocation that enables me to work with people in a richer and more meaningful way. Astrology is a powerful means by which we can understand ourselves better and thus make more fitting and fulfilling choices in life and I thoroughly enjoy applying this ancient art to inspire and empower. As a mother, former school teacher and post Second Saturn Return (at age 59) elder, I bring a fair share of life experience to my work as an astrologer, a passion that emerged during midlife.

Astrology is a complex art that takes years to understand, and when practiced competently is a powerful tool for increased self-awareness, as well as understanding the cycles of life: past, present and future. As astrologer Ray Merriman wrote:

"Astrology is a forecasting tool. It outlines the likely conditions ahead, not the inevitable outcome, as a prediction would. Astrologers understand that any outcome involves choice, and choice is an aspect of free will. Astrology is a "choice revealer, not a choice maker."

Prior to becoming an astrologer, I taught preschool through the primary elementary grades for 11 years, at which point I left teaching to pursue a career in writing and editing, working as a product manager for an educational software company. Since 1996, I have worked as a freelance writer, editor, graphic designer, and website developer. I currently work from my home in the redwoods (Mendocino County, Northern California) that I share with my husband and daughter; two cats, Oonagh and Kitsie; Buddy, our energetic border-collie mix; and a small flock of hens.

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Pagoda at Ikegami Hommonji ~ Kawase Hasui

I currently offer two session options: 60-minute and 90-minute over the phone at US $175 and $225. For every reading, I draw up and analyze several charts: natal, natal aspects, transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, and the current solar return chart — the necessary foundation for a meaningful reading of the highest quality.

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What Clients Have Said

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how often I go back to the reading you did for me. I listened to it twice, taking notes the second time, and now when I am feeling a little lost...or pissed off (:-) or just like I can't make sense of anything, I go back and re-read or listen to sections of it and it helps IMMENSELY! Thank you for all your talented and thoughtful work!" — T.F.

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"Elaine, your reading has enabled me to see the big picture as I've never seen it before. I've been aware of much of what you've spoken, but not had the clarity to deal with it. I really have had such an awakening with your reading, for which I will be forever thankful." — M.O