How astrology works is a mystery. An ancient art honed through thousands of years of practice, it is based on the Doctrine of Unity: illuminationthe notion that the universe is an interwoven fabric. The astrological concept of a celestial-terrestrial connection has been with us throughout the ages, reflected in diverse spiritual traditions the world over and epitomized by the Hermetic maxim, "As above, so below."

Even though there is compelling circumstantial evidence for astrology's underlying principle of interconnection, we have yet to discover the scientific mechanism that can account for it. We are living in exciting times, however, when fields of modern physics and mathematics, are moving towards interesting, parallel understandings regarding the seemingly magical interplay of energy and matter. We are beginning to see validation for some of the observations mystics have been alluding to for thousands of years.

There are many aspects to this great big universe of ours we have yet to understand; and the underpinnings of astrology, the how and why it works, is one of those mysteries.I realize as an astrologer many people will automatically brand me as a lunatic; and yet here I am sticking my neck out anyway, risking ridicule. For even though the claims of astrology do seem inconceivable; nevertheless, over and over again, I see its accuracy and usefulness when I apply it to my clients' lives and my own. However outlandish astrology's claims are, there does seem to be something to it. There are many aspects to this great big universe of ours we have yet to understand; and the underpinnings of astrology, the how and why it works, is one of those mysteries.

We live in a time in which too many do not respect, nor even tolerate, the unknown, the wild and mysterious. If some idea or notion has not been proven, it must certainly be bunk, garbage. This judgmental (and unscientific) narrow-mindedness is exactly what Carl Jung was getting after when he stated: "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud." It also reminds me of something Iain McGilchrist wrote in his book on the two hemispheres of the brain, The Master and His Emissary:

"Certainty is the greatest of all illusions: whatever kind of fundamentalism it may underwrite, that of religion or of science, it is what the ancients meant by hubris. The only certainty, it seems to me, is that those who believe they are certainly right are certainly wrong."

blue moon art

What is a Blue Moon?

"Once in a Blue Moon" — we've heard the phrase and know its colloquial meaning implies something improbable, something rare, absurdly rare even — an event with the probability of occurrence falling at slim to none, as likely as pigs taking wing or hell freezing over.

Yet a Blue Moon is more than just some improbable event. Officially — and yes there is an official Farmer's Almanac definition — a Blue Moon is the third Full Moon in a season that contains four. Seasons usually sport three Full Moons, one each month, but every couple of years or so we get a bonus Full Moon due to the roughly 11-day difference in the number of days between the natural, lunar month (28 days) and the calendar month, which is, as we know, on average 30-31 days, excepting February of course.

But why is it the third Full Moon and not the last one designated as Blue?

The answer is complicated and due to the Christian ecclesiastical calendar which is, surprisingly, lunar. The dates for Easter and other Christian holy days, those moveable feast observances, are calculated in reference to the Moon rather than a set calendar date. And a year with an extra, 13th moon skewed the calendar, and so the solution was to call it "Blue" and not count it.

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To Save Yourself Heartwhole

artBy the time the Moon catches up with the Sun and eclipses it this weekend, Luna will have joined an impressive flock already gathered in Pisces. Sun and Moon conjoin the lunar south node (hence the eclipse), Mercury, newly in Pisces, and Neptune, Lord of the Deep, Pisces' own ruler. A bit further down the line is Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, hanging with Chiron, the wounded-healer. Eight, very different fish swimming together in Pisces' sea of eternity, all trying to convey, in their own way, what lies beyond words, is just out of reach, through an intangible siren song human ears cannot hear.

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Holy Water  THE SUN ENTERS PISCES  Feb. 18, 2017

artMystical, ethereal Pisces is one of four mutable signs, along with Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Characterized by a freeflowing, adaptable nature, mutable signs occur at the end of the seasons when life is in flux and instability and change are in the air. Unlike the other "mutables" however, Pisces is also a responsive, intuitive water sign. Mutability, combined with the sensitive, formless water element — it is no wonder Pisces individuals often feel surreal and insubstantial, as if they are made of nothing more than fairy dust. With one foot on earth, the other in the clouds, Pisces is drawn to the numinous realms, where the earthy illusion of separation recedes like some vague dream.

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The Path

artIn just a tick over two days' time, we arrive at the first eclipse of the year: a Leo lunar eclipse falling at 22°28' of this fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. The first eclipse we've had in Leo since 2009.

Looking at the chart for the eclipse, there are number of important connections, in particular, two thorny quincunxes (150° aspect) spring from the Leo Moon to Pluto and Chiron which suggest major adjustments required on the path ahead, especially for those of us with key natal elements falling around 20° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

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Spring in the Belly of Winter

artBy early February, here on the north coast of California, there are signs that winter — mild as it is — is losing its grip. In the vineyards that cover much of our rural valley, rows of winter cover crops show the first haze of bloom. They form careless bands of incongruous, shaggy growth between the neat, ordered lines of hard-pruned vines. Where the vineyards end in open pasture, newborn lambs walk on tentative legs. They hang close by their mothers who munch grass a shade of impossible green, luminous in the warm afternoon sun. At this time each year, our little corner of the world transforms into an emerald earth, a vivid reminder of how miraculous plants really are.

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Yin Fire Rooster!  AQUARIUS NEW MOON & CHINESE NEW YEAR  Jan. 27, 2017

artTomorrow afternoon, here in Pacific time, the Moon will catch up with the Sun to begin a new lunar cycle in future-oriented, public-spirited Aquarius. The New Moon is special in another way for it also marks the Lunar or Chinese New Year. And this year, we shift from monkey to rooster, extroverted yang to introspective yin, while retaining the active and spicy fire element.

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Happy New Year!  2017 BRIEF OVERVIEW  Jan. 1, 2017

artWe've turned the page on a brand new year with trends and influences coming that contrast from last year. In particular, we leave behind that icky, lingering mutable malaise brought on by the Saturn-Neptune-South Node square, a dominant 2016 theme. As the South Node and Neptune separate, a very different weather pattern moves in with two, forward-focused and optimistic Jupiter-Uranus exact alignments, a dominant 2017 influence, of which we got a preview last week in the first of three exact oppositions sweeping in at the end of the year.

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artWhat does the Apollo Moon Landing have in common with the People's Park riots in Berkeley? or the Stonewall Uprising in New York? Woodstock? The Velvet Revolution in Prague, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Nelson Mandel's release from prison, the end of the American Civil War, the storming of the Bastille, the American Revolution, Max Planck's introduction of Quantum Physics, Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and further back, Kepler's groundbreaking arguments for heliocentrism, and Galileo's Sidereus Nuncius, the first scientific work based on observations made through a telescope?

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