HOW ASTROLOGY WORKS is a mystery. An ancient art honed through thousands of years of practice, it is based on the Doctrine of Unity: the notion that the universe is an interwoven fabric.

The astrological concept of a celestial-terrestrial connection has been with us throughout the ages, reflected in diverse spiritual traditions the world over and epitomized by the Hermetic maxim, "As above, so below."

"The ancient perception of unity between the human soul (the microcosm) and the vast world soul of the cosmos (the macrocosm) has become impossible for most people today, and the ancient formulation 'As above, so below,' has been relegated to the junk heap of outdated superstitions."

— Stephen Arroyo

Even though there is compelling circumstantial evidence for astrology's underlying principle of interconnection, we have yet to discover the scientific mechanism that can account for it. We are living in exciting times, however, when fields of modern physics and mathematics, are moving towards interesting, parallel understandings regarding the seemingly magical interplay of energy and matter, validating intuitive understandings that mystics have been alluding to for thousands of years.

I realize as an astrologer many people will automatically brand me as a lunatic; and yet here I am sticking my neck out anyway, risking ridicule. For even though the claimsThere are many aspects to this great big universe of ours we have yet to understand; and the underpinnings of astrology, the how and why it works, is one of those mysteries. of astrology do seem preposterous; nevertheless, over and over again, I see an undeniable accuracy when I apply it to my clients' lives and my own. There are many aspects to this great big universe of ours we have yet to understand; and the underpinnings of astrology, the how and why it works, is one of those mysteries.

We live in an era with a troubling lack of respect for the unknown and the mysterious. If some idea or notion has not been proven, it must certainly be rubbish. This — actually unscientific — narrow-mindedness is exactly what Carl Jung was getting after when he stated: "I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud." It also reminds me of something Iain McGilchrist wrote in his book on the two hemispheres of the brain, The Master and His Emissary:

"Certainty is the greatest of all illusions: whatever kind of fundamentalism it may underwrite, that of religion or of science, is what the ancients meant by hubris. The only certainty, it seems to me, is that those who believe they are certainly right are certainly wrong."

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Spring Evening at Inokashira Park ~ Kawase Hasui

I currently offer two session options: 60-minute and 90-minute over the phone at US $175 and $225. For every reading, I draw up and analyze several charts: natal, natal aspects, transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, and the current solar return chart — the necessary foundation for a meaningful reading of the highest quality.

What Clients Have Said

"Elaine, your reading has enabled me to see the big picture as I've never seen it before. I've been aware of much of what you've spoken, but not had the clarity to deal with it. I really have had such an awakening with your reading, for which I will be forever thankful." — M.O

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"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how often I go back to the reading you did for me. I listened to it twice, taking notes the second time, and now when I am feeling a little lost...or pissed off (:-) or just like I can't make sense of anything, I go back and re-read or listen to sections of it and it helps IMMENSELY! Thank you for all your talented and thoughtful work!" — T.F.

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blue moon art

What is a Blue Moon?

"Once in a Blue Moon" — we've heard the phrase and know its colloquial meaning implies something improbable, something rare, absurdly rare even — an event with the probability of occurrence falling at slim to none, as likely as pigs taking wing or hell freezing over.

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Wild, Precious Life

artMerry May Eve, Walpurgis Night, Beltane — the wheel of the year is turning. The Sun, our central star, nears a critical phase in its yearly passage: the midpoint between spring equinox and the coming summer solstice — here in the north that is. On May Day, north of the equator, we celebrate a fertile, waxing Sun swiftly climbing to its zenith, the height of its power. For those of you who like precision, the Sun actually strikes this exact "equinox-solstice" midpoint, a few days from now, this year arriving at 15° Taurus on the morning of the 5th (UT). For those of us here in Pacific time, it falls on the 4th, — and just barely — at two minutes before the witching hour of midnight.

Beltane is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish and Welsh literature and associated with important events in their mythologies. The festival marked the time when cattle were released to distant, higher elevation pastures; therefore, Beltane rituals were performed not only to increase crops and protect people, but also to protect the cattle foraging at some distance from the village. As Ronald Hutton, English historian and professor of history at Bristol University, noted in his book, Stations of the Sun, special bonfires were lit at this time and their flames, smoke and ash were thought to possess protective powers. Cattle would be driven around a bonfire, or between two bonfires, people would walk around the fires as well and sometimes leap over flames or embers. All household fires would be put out and then re-lit from the Beltane bonfire, transferring its protective power to each home.

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So Many Kinds of Yes  THE ARIES EQUINOX · March 20, 2021

So Many Kinds of Yes
THE ARIES EQUINOX  March 20, 2021

artSpring is my favorite season of the year and the older I get the more I appreciate it, the more I need it — this return of life, of the Sun, which, higher in the sky each day, actually feels warm again. Although the nights are still cold, daffodils scattered around the yard and the cheerful orange and yellow calendulas are blooming proof that winter is over. At the forest's edge, trilliums and milkmaids are blooming among ferns, emerging from their winter's sleep, they spiral their emerald heads skyward dressed in their green fractal lace, a perfect symbol of spring.

In the small orchard below our house, the young peach and nectarine trees, planted four years ago, are starting to open in full bloom, while the Santa Rosa plum, earliest to wake, is already well past its peak. Pale, yellow-green leaves are unfurling, we'll soon see those telltale swellings on the spent flower stalks that fortell midsummer plums. The Gravenstein and Golden Delicious apple trees lag behind, but will soon open their clusters of light pink crepe paper, and the quince, just beginning to leaf out, will soon open its large white flowers. With the blossoms come the bees, and given their current crisis from human beings' sociopathic need for pesticides, it is a miracle any are left.

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Either a Rebel or Slave  THE SATURN-PLUTO CONJUNCTION · Jan 12, 2020

Either a Rebel or Slave

artTwo of astrology's heaviest hitters, Saturn and Pluto, have come together in an exact conjunction: an end-of-an-era alignment that brings to a close a long, almost 40-year chapter that began back in 1982.

Several planetary cycles converge with this turning-point conjunction, breaking shore on the turbulent tide of a complex lunar eclipse, with not only the Sun and Moon, as every lunar eclipse, but Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto — all in a tight huddle, less than three degrees apart.

Disruptive and destabilizing Uranus, catalyst for change is also involved, stationing direct on the very day of the eclipse; and Eris, Greek Goddess of War and Strife, sister to Ares, God of War, has thrown a monkey wrench of her own into the works: tightly squaring the whole conflagration from Mars-ruled Aries.

SOMETHING WILD AND NEW is crashing into awareness right now, shattering an old, tangled knot of limitation and stagnation, all the while Saturn forces keep trying to re-tie the same knot: keep the status quo/gravy train in place, forces that have long been mobilized, entrenched and powerful.

Yet Pluto disintegration, death and renewal has been unleashed and there is no going back. The knot has unraveled. We are in the death throes of an old, outdated system that does not, like anything, want to die, and will not give up without a fight. But destiny, if there is such a thing, has arrived: the seeds of a brand new cycle, one that will build over the next three decades, have been sown. The Age of Aquarius is dawning, born from the ashes of human-made division and devastation.

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The beautiful Japanese woodblock print above, "Spring Evening at Inokashira Park (1931)," is the work of Japanese artist Kawase Hasui, a leading print designer of the shin-hanga period. Shin-hanga ("new prints") was an art movement in early 20th-century Japan with a return to a traditional ukiyo-e approach, where artists, woodcarvers and printers worked together, rather than one person doing everything. Shin-hanga flourished from around 1915 to 1942, resuming briefly, after the War, from 1946 through the 1950s.